K-Secure VPN Server

K-Secure VPN Server 3.0

K-Secure VPN™ is a network security solution that encrypts network traffic
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How secure are your network communications? When you send confidential information across the Internet, are you aware they can easily fall prey to eavesdroppers who may be just a few offices away, or one with a laptop computer in his car in the nearby parking lot playing with some wireless spying tool?

Whether you are a traveling professional who can really use an effective tool to protect your sensitive information, or a small to medium business owner who are looking for a solution to protect your business data across the Internet, K-Secure VPN™ can help.
K-Secure VPN™ is a revolutionary network security solution that encrypts and compresses network traffic. With the VPN Server installed on computer A (possibly located in your main office) and VPN Client running on computer B at anywhere across the world - that is, anywhere with Internet access - it guarantees all specified network connections between A and B are encrypted and thus free of the risk of being eavesdropped.
Main features:
- Transparent Protection With K-Secure VPN™ running on your system, existing network applications suddenly send and receive data in a secure environment - without themselves even knowing of it; There is no need to modify or reconfigure such network protocols and/or applications.
- Dynamic Session-Key Generation K-Secure VPN™ regenerates session keys with each connection. No session key is used more than once. This effectively prevents a number of security breaches such as the man-in-the-middle attack;
- Easy to Use It is ridiculously easy to install, configure and maintain K-Secure VPN™, both on the server side and the client side. We have designed the software in such a way that even a novice computer user can quickly grasp the concept and becomes proficient with all the maintenance tasks in a short amount of time. Check out this tutorial for yourself.
- Affordable After comparing K-Secure VPN™ features and capabilities with its competitors, you'll be surprised to find how inexpensive K-Secure VPN™ is. It is 100% software - no need for expensive hardware. It is inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to deploy, and inexpensive to maintain. No "surprise" add-ons. K-Secure VPN™ is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use.

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